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"All students are gifted. Some students just open their packages at different times."

This famous education quote has a great meaning behind it. All students have a desire to succeed in their lives; some just need a little more support in certain areas than others.

The key factors for academic success vary among each student. Find below some key factors we have identified to help Athletes, Foster Care, Special Education Students, and others succeed academically.

Academic Counseling and Planning
Identifying Student Goals
Identifying Student Strengths and Weaknesses
Subject Tutoring
Writing Tutoring
Peer Monitoring
Individual Subject Progress Reports
Study Skills
Time Management
Note Taking Skills
Test Taking Skills

iYouth Educational Services will meet the student where they are and help them achieve academic excellence. With this, iYouth Educational Services believes in introducing the non-cognitive skills to the student and the parent alike.

Non-cognitive skills are a proactive practice being used widely among higher education institutions that is gaining attention. iYouth Educational Services believes in understanding student learning styles, individual attributes, and life factors.

Together, iYouth, the student, the school, and the parent will help each student overcome their challenges, secure their key factors, and succeed in their life.

All students are gifted. iYouth will identify their gifts and meet them where they are as an Athlete, Foster Care, Special Education, and Regular Education Student.

iYouth provides high quality educational services to all students and parents alike. Please find below how iYouth can be of service to all involved. We provide the following:

Understanding how to get students excited about learning online with a caring Gwinnett tutor.
Reduce the 1 on 1 intimidation.
Provide ongoing consultation with parents.
Provide a complete set of online learning tools.
Communicate with the student's teachers and keep the parent in the loop.
Academic monitoring.
Sports liaison/support.
Personal counseling.
Consultation services.

With iYouth providing all of the services above, the parents can also enjoy free online phone consultations, the use of online tutoring without leaving home, free A+ parenting videos, and with over 17 years of experience, iYouth guarantees success for each student.

At iYouth Educational Services, where our clients "Master the Skills".

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