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My Online or Face To Face Tutoring Guarantees Better Grades for Your Child

Welcome to my private online Manjimup tutor practice – where children have fun learning academic and social skills in a safe supportive environment.

This is an amazing opportunity in the Manjimup area and surrounding districts for students who are struggling academically or socially.

Living near Manjimup I became very aware of the difficulty many parents have when their child needs additional tuition. In our local widespread community, tutoring availability is very limited – even if you are prepared to drive long distances. This is why I am passionate about my private online tutoring practice.

With there’s no need for parents to travel or wait around. Your child will be working directly with me using technology he/she loves – all from the comfort of home.

So, what makes my private tutoring practice so unique?

• Let’s Learn Online Tutoring provides a personalized program for each student

• Your child will only work with me as their tutor

• I have a strong empathy for anyone who hasn’t grasped the Basics – it’s a hard place to be!

• I understand why students love to learn online using live voice communication between student and tutor

• provides you/your child with a unique online tutoring which can be linked through any computer

• As a Qualified Teacher and Early Childhood Specialist I believe that every child must have the opportunity to fully understand all basic academic and social skills

• Your child’s progress will be forwarded to you on a regular basis with hints to help your child complete required tasks

• Ideally I will be in contact with your child’s teacher (keeping parents in the loop) to discuss syllabus used so my work will complement rather than overload your child

• My comprehensive proven online learning tools are easy to use allowing for optimal learning

• Ongoing parent/tutor consultations assist with creating an understanding and supportive unity through all the child’s learning including disappointments and achievements. Our united aim is to help your child succeed

• Face-to-face, 1 on 1 tutoring via Skype is available only if the student is fully receptive

• Even though I may never physically meet my students I have a current WWC (Working with Children) clearance

• Booking an online tutoring session is easy

• Being online I am able to tutor anyone, anywhere - regardless of age

• I have been a tutor/teacher/educator for 20 years +

• Let’s Learn Online Tutoring offers FREE A+ Parenting Videos designed to make Parenting Easy for the Clients

• My Private Online Tutoring Practice promotes a solid foundation in formative learning allowing every person to achieve their full potential

Tutoring online with me as your Manjimup tutor means I can tutor your child, teen, youth or adult anywhere in the world. Many adults have learning issues but are too embarrassed to ask for assistance – this service is also for you. Confidentiality assured.

My private online tutoring practice specializes in:

• Early Childhood education
• General Math
• Elementary Reading
• Elementary Writing
• English
• Language Arts
• Career Coaching
• English as a Second Language
• Building Self Esteem
• Discovering Your True Self
• Career Coaching. ESL, Discover True Self, Building Self-Esteem

Let’s Learn together to allow everyone the best possible opportunities to succeed; with the ultimate goal of making the world a better place.

To become a student, computer access is essential, a desire to explore and discover the skills required to reach his/her full potential and a willingness to try! Leave the rest up to me – Success Guaranteed!

While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today!

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  • General Math
  • Elementary Reading skills
  • Elementary Writing skills
  • English
  • Language arts
  • Career Coaching
  • English as a 2nd Language
  • Discover your True Self
  • Building Self Esteem
  • Kids Life Coaching