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Mathematics is a difficult subject, yet an essential your child must learn, not only to pass from one grade to another, but to succeed in every career goal in the future. But in an average class of 40, your child may not be getting the right amount of attention. I know this, because I am a university professor, myself, and it is hard to concentrate on just one student, when you are responsible for more.

So, I understand the concern you have when you get your child a personal Naga City Bicol tutor in Mathematics.

But imagine this. You are face-to-face with a tutor. There’s no one else in that room except for the two of you and every little move you make, the tutor notices.

Will you feel relaxed? Or will you feel a bit uneasy?

What more if it’s your child in that place?

This is the common one-on-one face-to-face tutoring taking place in our communities. While it helps your child in getting more attention than what is provided in the usual classroom environment, you cannot deny the fact that, one way or another, your child may feel intimidated by being alone with a tutor.

Thankfully, you have another option!

Unlike face-to-face tutorial, online tutoring provides an avenue for your child to learn without the intimidation felt with face-to-face tutoring. This is very important. Feeling relaxed, your child can concentrate on the lessons better and be able to ask questions without being scared.

Also, students today get excited and stimulated by all the technology they can get their hands on. Is there a day when your child did not use the computer and the internet lately?

So why not use the same medium that they love?

With an easy-to-use online whiteboard and live voice communication between your child and the tutor, online tutoring makes optimal learning in Mathematics possible for your child.

All these, in the comfort of your own home!

Yet just as every success takes hard work, your child’s academic accomplishment cannot be done overnight. It is very important that online tutoring does not end with the online tutoring session with your child. As a tutor, myself, it is inherent for me to care for my student, and I also understand your need to support your child’s academic growth.

So with you in mind, this online tutoring comes with FREE additional services specifically designed for parents.

As your child’s Online Math Tutor, you can talk to me by phone to check your child’s performance.

You can access 19 Parenting Videos designed to make parenting easy for you.

And, most importantly, I, myself will communicate with your child’s Math teacher and keep you updated.

With all these, online tutoring may just be the missing link in your child’s academic success in Mathematics!

So, will you let your child experience learning Math through the better and proven ways of online tutoring?

Or will you just let this great opportunity pass, and continue hoping that perhaps, one day, your child might get better with the usual methods?

It’s your choice.

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