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A while after I retired from a long career as a software engineer I became bored and sought a worthwhile use of my time. I realized that I possessed an excellent PhD-level education in Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and Physics which I could share with young students to help them get a good start in life.

At first, I considered becoming a teacher; but that required a full-time commitment not consistent with being retired. Then I saw that tutoring in high school Math and Physics (including AP) would be a better plan for me.

However, as I looked at the various ways of providing tutoring services, I saw that most of them are very inefficient and do not take advantage of modern technology. In today's culture, technology has taken over our lives and even teenagers have become comfortable using cell phones, computers, and tablets. In fact, many students would prefer to text or chat than have a face-to-face conversation.

When looking at the tutoring options available in the Plano area, you can go to a learning center, you can have a tutor come to your home or other location, you can use any of the numerous "homework help" web sites, or you can utilize the service I provide which combines the best of all the other methods and adds some extra features as well.

By using a Plano online tutoring service, there is no travel time for anyone. You can schedule sessions when and as often as you need. The sessions can take place anywhere a computer is available.

Online sessions avoid the possibly intimidating effect of a face-to-face meeting and use tools the students are comfortable with. This tends to focus the student on the task at hand rather than on the social aspects of the situation.

The tools I use are some of the best online interaction tools available today including a sharable white board and voice chat. I also use numerous online resources that are effective in getting concepts across or providing reference material.

Conducting a series of sessions with the same student over an extended period of time allows me to get to know the student's strengths, weaknesses, and needs. I can consult regularly with the student’s parents and teachers to provide useful feedback and be more effective as a Plano tutor. It can also reduce stress and build confidence for the student who learns what to expect.

I have a PhD in Physics from Stanford University and I am well prepared to tutor Algebra, Trigonometry, Calculus and Physics at the 11th or 12th grade level.

I have been tutoring online for about 4 years now and I find that tutoring the same students on a regular basis is far more effective than the "homework help" method. I can track the student's progress, anticipate problems, and provide positive feedback. This all leads to better motivation and success for everyone.

While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today.

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