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Two things make online tutoring a good fit for me: I love teaching, and I enjoy the use of technology to help children learn.

Several years ago, the school division where I taught implemented a new technology initiative. It was among the first school systems to put several desktops in each classroom, and a few years later, each middle and high school student and all teachers received a laptop for use in the classroom. Many of my colleagues were hoping “it would just go away,” I was eager to try to learn as much about this new tool and how to use it in my classroom in new ways.

I’ve seen first-hand how disinterested students became engaged and excited to do the same work that we used to use pencil and paper to complete when given that work on a computer. When I happened to find online tutoring on one of my frequent internet surfing excursions a couple of years ago, the idea resonated with me: this seemed like a perfect fit!

In addition to working as a classroom teacher for grades four through eight for 33 years, I have several years of experience working as a face-to-face Richmond tutor at a local tutoring company. I know the advantage of having that immediate feedback for a child at the point of his or her confusion or misunderstanding as the child is working. One-to-one tutoring does just that. Imagine my pleasure in finding a way to do that from wherever I happen to be in the world with students no matter where they happen to be in the world. The concept is exciting, innovative, and mutually convenient!

My online tutoring classroom provides my client families with a complete set of proven online learning tools while having instant access to a knowledgeable educator with extensive experience with all kinds of students. All sessions with students are conducted with live (real time) voice communication between the two of us. Additionally, parents will appreciate the free, ongoing consultations and feedback that I provide for them about their child’s progress and recommendations for reinforcement and support.

Online tutoring is a win-win for client families. Students get to use a medium that they love while learning, but they have that immediate feedback that is crucial to turning things around if they are struggling or encouragement and reassurance if they are progressing. Parents will have the convenience of never having to leave home and the ability to sit in or listen in if they desire. I even coordinate with the teacher if needed to help ensure that a child progresses.

Contact an award-winning teacher with decades of experience in helping students to become successful in school. It could be the best investment in your child’s future that you will ever make!

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