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Greetings Perspective Family and Fellow Educators,

My name is Rachel Dorn and I am a Springfield tutor from Missouri. I have been in the field of education since 2001. My certification is in K-12 and Spanish and ESL (English Speakers of other Languages), and I have a Masters of Reading & Literacy (K-12). I have taught at the elementary and secondary levels. I speak Spanish fluently, and I also taught English aboard.

My focus with tutoring on TutorFi is to help students achieve their potential in the areas of:

• Reading Skills including phonics/decoding, fluency/fluidity, comprehension, and critical thinking
• English and/or Spanish grammar and mechanics
• Writing skills including organization of ideas, structure for different writing types, and use of original language and rhetoric
• Spanish 1 & 2 (High school levels), Beginning level (first course, and College Spanish
• ESL- Academic assistance for speakers of other languages. Please inquire regarding specific subjects.

With the growth of online tutoring options, families and students can benefit from accessibility to teaching professionals, convenience of being at home, student privacy, and ease of scheduling and payment.

I enjoy establishing a one-on-one tutoring relationship with a student and creating a program for academic success that capitalizes on a student's strengths and seeks to remedy specific areas of weakness.

For more information visit While I do have openings at this time, slots are filling up fast. Don't delay. Call me for a free consultation today!

Thank you for your time,
Rachel Dorn

Communities Served:

World Wide Online Tutoring
Cape Girardeau
Jefferson City (surrounding areas)
St. Louis
Kansas City

I look forward to making your acquaintance,
Rachel Dorn

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Rachel Dorn
Springfield, MO

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  • Elementary Reading skills
  • Elementary Writing skills
  • Language arts
  • Spanish
  • ESL (Kindergarten-Adults) Academic assistance for speakers of other languages. Please inquire regarding specific subjects.
  • Spanish 1&2 (High school levels) Beginning level (first course) College Spanish