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Back to School Shopping without Breaking the Bank

By Meaghan Montrose

August is here and that means the new school year is right around the corner and it’s time for Back-to-School Shopping! With the poor economy many of the school budgets have experienced cutbacks. Translation- you as a parent are required to provide even more of the basic school supplies…and this is on top of all the other things (backpack, lunchbox, sneakers, etc…) that you already need to purchase. All of those little items you need for your child can start to add up to one big bill.

Have no fear, help is here! I found a few great posts on SavingAdvice.com and TheFrugalDad.com that provide tips and suggestions for shopping without breaking your budget.

SavingAdvice.com has two recent posts on the topic. First, check out Back to School Shopping on a Budget. This post gives some helpful tips to save money for the upcoming school year. Some suggestions include reusing supplies from last year that are still functional or shopping during a tax-free weekend in your state.
Another useful post on this topic is Cutting School Book Costs. This post includes suggestions such as buying used textbooks or sharing with other students if possible.

The Frugal Dad chimes in on the subject with his 9 Back to School Shopping Tips. One of the pieces of advice that he provides is to buy school supplies in 3’s when you find a good deal so you are stocked up throughout the school year.

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One Response to “Back to School Shopping without Breaking the Bank”

  1. working mom Says:

    Thank you for the back to schools savings tips. I think also shopping at thrift stores for name brand clothes is a great way to save big.This weekend I got 10 outfits(name brand) at a goodwill for under thirty dollars!!