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Choosing a Career with Technology

By Deborah Williams

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Most college students spend at least two years studying before they declare a major.  Often, it’s because they don’t have any idea of where they should focus or what career options are available.  That may become a thing of the past with the creation of technology that can help students in a few minutes!  Caralee Adams, writer for EdWeek’s College Bound Blog, reports that there is a free app that “matches students’ interests with careers.”

A student can access Compass Lite through her or his Facebook account.  The user must quickly answer the question, “Me or not me?” for each in a series of 84 phrases and images.  Some of the phrases include the following:  Going camping?  Hands on?  Being competitive?  Good with numbers?  Public speaking?

Based on the responses, the app will determine the user’s personality type and will provide career recommendations.  From there, the user can click on interesting options to learn more about salary and job prospects.  Information about “academic programs and businesses that employ graduates in those fields” is included also.

There are two versions of this app.  Compass Lite is for free for an individual.  Compass, a more in-depth app, is available with a site license for high schools and colleges.

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