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Guaranteed Employment for Some College Grads

By Deborah Williams

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The current economic situation has affected people from all walks of life, and there are many reports that people with a college education are faring a bit better than those who don’t.  However, many college graduates have suffered long-term unemployment, and that alarms many potential and current college students and their parents.  Many colleges and universities are seeing record enrollments while others are doing all they can to justify their existence.  Claire Gordon, writer for America Online, reports that one Michigan college, Davenport University, is guaranteeing its graduates a job.  By 2015, students with a 3.0 or higher GPA will be eligible for this guarantee.  Additionally, graduates must “do an internship and look for a job in a certain area.”  If eligible participants do not get a job as promised, Davenport will provide more education and training free of charge at one of its 11 campuses.  With a yearly tuition of $5,840 a year, the concept is worth serious consideration.

Other colleges have similar programs.   Science, technology, or business graduates of Capitol College in Maryland will receive “dozens of tuition-free credits if they don’t find a good job within 90 days of commencement.”  Graduates of Thomas College in Minnesota will give its unemployed graduates two more years of free learning if they are unemployed 90 days after commencement.

See Davenport’s advertisement of their program:

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