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Students Best Suited for Online Learning

By Deborah Williams

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Online learning is rapidly becoming the go-to resource for busy students and as a cost efficient solution for cash-strapped school systems.  The jury is still out, however, regarding whether or not it is a viable option for its students.  That’s why the research done by Raaaya Marimuthu and his research team from Universiti Tecknologi MARA about effective strategies for online learners is of great interest for anyone considering online learning to complete academic requirements for a program.  Marimuthu’s findings were the focus of the Science Daily article, “Online Learning Strategies of Male and Female Students.” The team’s research considered five variables:

Even though the researchers found no differences between genders in their online learning experiences, they did note that when the students were engaged in online learning, the respondents showed high levels of internet literacy and concentration levels.  This research suggests that all students can benefit from online learning if they are highly motivated, able to monitor their own learning, and are not easily distracted when working online.

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