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Temper Tantrums, When to Worry

By Deborah Williams

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Temper tantrums are nothing new, and parents should consider them a stage that some children go through, right?  Not exactly!  An article, “When to Worry About Kids’ Temper Tantrums,” on Science Daily describes the results of research at Northwestern Medical that suggests that temper tantrums are common among preschoolers; however, it is not common for children to have temper tantrums frequently.  According to the article, “Less than 10 percent of young children have a daily tantrum.”

A questionnaire developed by the researchers allowed them to put their subjects’ behaviors along a continuum that ranged from typical to atypical as opposed to extreme behavior only.  This tool would make it easier for professionals to more precisely intervene or simply monitor behavior depending upon where a child’s behavior fell on the continuum.  It creates a more accurate standard for pediatricians to use in deciding if a child’s misbehavior “reflects deeper problems” because doctors are concerned about over-medicating their patients.

See this video for more information on this study:  http://bcove.me/cwml139r

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