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The Best Study Habits for Students

By Deborah Williams

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We all know that having good study habits is essential for academic success, but what are the effective study habits? A recent study described on the Science Daily website by John Dunlosky and other researchers from Kent State University indicates that some of the most commonly used techniques for improving study habits are much more effective than others.

The article, “Which Study Strategies Make the Grade?” reports that the evidence lead to recommendations that students should consider more than others. The researchers found that “summarization, highlighting and underlining, and rereading” are not as effective as other study strategies. They found that these activities “seem to provide minimal benefits to their learning and performance.” The researchers found that “by just replacing rereading with delayed retrieval practice, students would benefit.” So, what is delayed retrieval? Cambridge Journal Online describes it as “a robust memory strategy., whereby practice retrieving information shortly after it is presented leads to better delayed recall than simple restudy.”

Dunlosky believes that this information should be shared with students and with those who are training to become teachers so that they can help their students learn what is an effective way to learn.

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