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Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Writing

By Meaghan Montrose

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For many kids, school and learning represent things that are boring and generally not enjoyable. At some point they lost their natural curiosity and desire to explore and learn. The key to being a good teacher, tutor, or parent, is to find something that your child or student is interested in, and work the “learning” around that interest. You need to spark some excitement and allow the child to learn without knowing it.

The Home School Bytes blog has just put together a few tips to help your child enjoy writing. One of the tips suggest writing and illustrating a comic book. This is particularly a great idea if your child enjoys sketching and drawing. You can pair his or her artistic interests with a new-found enjoyment for writing and story telling.

To find out more tips, check out How Do You Get Your Kids to Enjoy Writing?.

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One Response to “Tips to Help Your Child Enjoy Writing”

  1. Misty Says:

    Hi Meaghan,

    Thank you for mentioning my article! I’ve enjoyed the articles you’ve written to help parents motivate and teach their kids.