"Discover the Secrets of How To Start An Online Tutoring Business...Including How to Get Clients... How Much to Charge Them...And All The Details that Helped Me Succeed With 3 Separate Online Tutoring Businesses"


After Months of Begging & Pleading...I Agreed to Conduct a "1 Time Interview" in which I Promised to Disclose the Secrets of How To Start An Online Tutoring Business. This information makes it simple...

I was literally harassed by Kasey Hammond who bombarded me with emails, late night phone calls, videos and she even sent a postcard with a picture of her holding a whiteboard begging me for an interview...

After all that, I finally said yes. I agreed to record our conversation and disclose every detail of what it takes to run real online tutoring businesses including ehomeworkhelp.com, live-etutor.com and owlonlinetutoring.com.

I only did this as a favor to Kasey who I respect so much for being a great tutor and helping people start their own offline tutoring businesses. She is the author of Tutor and Grow Rich Ebook and her forum at MyTutorSpace.com has helped many tutors succeed in the offline tutoring world.

Last year, my team and I decided to stop accepting new students and instead focus on helping people start their own online tutoring businesses. Since making this decision, I now offer an exclusive membership for people who are committed to building their own part or full time online tutoring business. I now use my websites to generate hot parent leads which I hand feed to my clients.

This new MP3 interview, conducted by Kasey, is now available for anyone who is serious about starting his or her own online tutoring business, but just doesn't know how.


Here's just a sample of what you'll discover on this recorded, no holds barred, MP3 interview...

Why the time is right to quickly and easily gather steady clients who will gladly pay
you for months and even years to come.

How to avoid the same costly mistakes I made and save yourself thousand of dollars.

What online tutoring software will make your online tutoring sessions run smoothly.

What subjects will have parents calling your phone begging for a chance to hire you
as an online tutor.

Our secret pricing formula that can earn you $25 - $75 per hour.

What one little secret can save you hours of time and automatically configure your client's microphone so you can speak clearly inside your online tutoring classroom.

How to create a website for under $10 and use it to generate $1,000 or more every month.

What three-minute video will easily convert parents into paying clients almost as soon as they are done watching the demonstration.

Free local advertising secrets that'll have parents calling you within hours.

How to elicit an automatic "Yes, Here Is My Credit Card" response from every parent
you speak with.

How to lock clients into an automatic billing agreement where you get paid every 30 days all without a contract.

How video email and automated mailings will keep your clients appreciating your service and instinctively telling others about your online tutoring program.

Which one paid advertising method out pulls all others and pays for itself the first month.

How to get free business cards delivered to your door in four days tops.

I can keep going, but I think you get the idea. This interview will open your eyes to every important piece of information you'll need to start your own online tutoring business.


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This is your chance to discover the inside secrets that the CEO's of big tutor companies would never tell you.

At this point, you're probably wondering why I chose to reveal this information.

From 2003 through 2007, we constantly had to hire new tutors, train them and try to manage our relationship with each parent. It got very difficult for my team and I to manage this entire operation.

It was a constant struggle to hire and oversee the tutors. Sometimes the tutor would not show up for a scheduled session and we would scramble around to find a replacement. The tutors we hired just didn't care like we did!

When dealing with our clients, we tried very hard to call the parents and consult with them about their child's progress and learning needs. The more we did this, the longer the client would stay with us. On a few occasions we had clients who stayed with us for over two years!

As for the clients we did NOT have time for, unfortunately they quit. After a while, we just didn't have time to call each parent and consult with them like we needed and wanted to.

This is when I had the revelation to teach tutors to start their own online tutoring business.


The information I reveal in this MP3 interview gives you the tools necessary to generate lists of proud parents who will gladly pay you each and every month for years to come

I am literally going to hand you a step-by-step plan for building your own part or full time online tutoring business. You can expect to have clients who absolutely love and appreciate your service.

Your clients won't be able to contain themselves and you'll find your phone ringing off the hook from other parents who were referred by your own clients.

Right now, the online tutoring industry is about to explode with people just like you. The big companies are in trouble for the same reasons we were. They are losing their clients and constantly trying to replace them with new ones.

They'll never be in a position to take the time to care like you and other individuals like you who are running start their own online tutoring businesses. This new approach will lock your clients into your program for years to come.

The students you'll tutor will truly be excited for their online tutoring sessions. More importantly, their parents will gladly pay you each and every month for years to come.

You can start listening to this valuable information right now. Within the next 30 days, you can have a great part or full time income! If you don't take action right now, many of your potential clients will already be committed to another tutor by the time you finally get started.


You can succeed...it's easier than you ever dreamed

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So, as you can see, you will have a great opportunity to start your own online tutoring business...at my risk...not yours!


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