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Creating a Positive Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher or Tutor

By Colleen Palat

Getting to know your child’s teacher and/or tutor is an integral part in maximizing their education.  By becoming involved, you are modeling for your child the importance of  learning, respecting authority figures, and helping them to develop a good working relationship with the educators around them which, in turn, leads to greater learning.

As a teacher, I love it when parents are involved in their child’s education.  It’s always a great feeling knowing the parent backed me in the classroom, as well as reinforced at home the material being presented.

If you’re a bit hesitant or even intimidated by becoming more involved in your child’s education, don’t be.  Below is a brief list of tips to help you know your child’s teacher/tutor and aid your child in developing a passion and respect for the learning process.

1)  When school or tutoring begins, make sure to personally greet the teacher/tutor and introduce yourself.  Let them know how much you’re looking forward to the school year and that you are available to help in anyway you can.

2)  Periodically check in with the teacher/tutor, asking how your child is doing and if there is anything at home you can do to support what he/she is teaching in the classroom.

3)  Volunteer your time in the classroom to help the teacher/tutor with different projects (making photocopies, cutting out projects, organizing supplies, etc.)  Educators are so busy and are welcoming of any additional help they can get!

4) Don’t be discouraged if your child’s teacher/tutor doesn’t take you up on your offers to help.  They may have things under control or could be one of the lucky ones who has numerous volunteers! Just let them know you’re available periodically.

5)Always, no matter what, teach your child to respect their teacher/tutor.  It’s amazing how many parents out there will make excuses for their child’s bad behavior in the classroom.  When a parent does this, they’re actually hurting their child.  If an issue arises that the teacher/tutor brings to your attention, take it seriously and handle it.

6)Try to have your child observe you when applying the above tips.  Knowing their mom or dad maintains a positive view towards their teacher and education will go a long way to instill in them a respect for authority figures and the importance of learning.

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4 Responses to “Creating a Positive Relationship with Your Child’s Teacher or Tutor”

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  3. Pat Says:

    Great suggestions. I love when parents are involved. I also give all the parents my home phone number to call since I have theirs. After 27 years, I have never had a parent abuse this privilege but it has saved me from nasty situations and involvement with administrators over a misunderstanding with student (student lied to parent, can you imagine?). I have also invited parents to my classroom (I don’t do anything in my class in front of a parent that I wouldn’t if the parent wasn’t there)but I do ask they ask the administrator for permission because they automatically have mine. This opens the line of communication and truly helps the students when they know parents and I are working together in their best interest.

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