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Fun Way to Learn About Finance

By Deborah Williams

The fallout from the Great Recession showed that many adults did not understand finance.  To help prevent this in the future, developers of a money management program hope to educate children on the mysteries of money management.  An article on the US Today website describes Finance Park, a “playground” for kids to learn about money management.  Finance Park allows eighth graders the “chance to be adults for a day by making basic budgeting decisions.”

Finance Park began in 2010 as the result of a partnership between Junior Achievement and local school systems.  More than 56,000 students across the country have gone through the program.  The curriculum has been updated to a tablet-based system that requires students to respond to scenarios about economic decisions.  The scenarios include things like student loan debt, child care and health care.

Learn more about Junior Achievement’s Finance Park’s Finance Parks with this video:

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