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Getting Kids to Read More

By Deborah Williams

Parents know how important reading is to their children’s academic achievement, but sometimes, it is quite a challenge, especially as the children get older.  Writing for The Boston Globe, Ami Albernaz explains that the results from a report from Scholastic, a publishing company for children’s books, might help parents to intervene more effectively to get their children to read more.

The results of the 2014 biannual Kids & Family Reading Report are based on a survey of more than 2,500 parents and children.  Among its findings are the following:

Even though parents and children acknowledge the importance of reading, children spend more time viewing screens:

Fortunately, some screen time can enhance a child’s reading skills.  Assistant professor of early childhood education at the University of Massachusetts Boston, Lianna Pizzo explains, “Searching the Web and being online still give kids practice reading—they’re part of a broader scope of reading.”  She further explained that reading many kinds of writing is useful in helping children to compare and use those sources.

The report suggests the following ways to help parents to foster more reading by their children:

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