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Girls Better at Math Than Previously Believed

By Deborah Williams

It is generally believed that boys are better at math, but girls are better with verbal skills.  However, a recent study by Xinlin Zhou of Beijing Normal University, co-author along with others, who found that primary school girls do better in some aspects of mathematics than boys do.  A recent article on the Science Daily website points out that girls aged 8 to 11 “outperformed boys in many math skills.”  Girls were better in the following math areas:

The researchers also noted that the boys were “better at mentally rotating three-dimensional images” while girls were better at” judging whether two words rhymed,” and they believed that this is the key to their outperforming boys in the math areas mentioned above.  Zhou and his colleagues think that these results suggest that in order to improve math skills “boys could use more help with verbal strategies for learning math terms,” and “girls might benefit for more practice with spatial skills.”

Evidence of the validity of this study is shown in this video:

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