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How Tutoring Solves Problems With Overcrowded Classes

By Shari Nielsen

My 5 year old daughter just started Kindergarten this year. She is one of 27 students in the class with only ONE teacher!!! I couldn’t believe it! I teach high school chemistry and its tough having 24 sixteen year olds. I couldn’t imagine having 27 little five year olds running around, some of whom never went to pre-K before.

I’m sure her experienced teacher will be able to manage these little guys; keep them from eating glue, cutting each other’s hair, and will still teach them the basics: playing nice, the ABC’s, counting, recognizing different types of “monies” (as my daughter refers to them), and so forth, but how will each student get the individual attention that they need?

How will my daughter get her needs met when a teacher is being pulled in 27 different directions?

In no other grade is the spectrum of abilities and needs greater. A personalize approach is key to the success of the students and becomes extremely difficult when a teacher’s primary concern is to keep an unreasonable number of kids safe. Throw in the additional state and federal government regulations that continue to place more and more responsibilities on the teachers and I’m amazed that people even want to teach anymore!

I Googled “overcrowding in kindergarten” and was overwhelmed by the number of hits 211,000. I skimmed through the first few pages and read about too many schools that were dealing with this. No wonder literacy is such a big problem. Our children deserve better than overcrowded classrooms and stressed out teachers that can’t touch each student individually because there are simply too many to deal with.

As a result, individualized tutoring (especially online tutoring) is becoming a solution to keeping children from falling through the cracks. I personally am not going to depend on the school system to make sure that my daughter has the skills and knowledge necessary to move on to first grade.

We read every night, play math games constantly, practice letters, numbers, spelling, (the lost art of phonics), money, story-telling, writing, etc. She has her own collection of workbooks that she uses about 10-15 minutes a day. We even spend time visiting educational websites where she can have fun practicing skills that she is learning.

Luckily, I have been involved in education since I was in college and have quite a few friends who are elementary teachers who help to steer me in the right direction. I am able to provide her with what she needs so she doesn’t fall through the cracks.

However, I feel sorry for the other students who don’t get this personal attention. I wish that all students, especially the younger ones, could have someone work one-on-one with them so they establish a strong foundation and a desire to learn. I hope that tutoring, whether face-to-face or online, becomes more common and the needs of more and more students are met.

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