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Mompreneurs: You Can Successfully Work From Home!

By Colleen Palat

No too long ago I had a baby, quit my full-time job as an Orientation and Mobility Specialist, and dedicated myself to taking care of my wonderful son, Nathan. But it wasn’t long until my husband and I really began to feel the pains of living on one income…in Southern California, no less! I knew I had to do something and to make a long story short, I began working from home. It’s such a great experience, yet at times, I find myself having trouble juggling all the demands. Can you relate?

I found a fantastic blog that is a must-read for any mom out there who’s starting her own business, working from home, or even thinking about it. The author, Tammy Gibson, lays out for us important things to remember when considering a home business. What I like so much about what Tammy writes is that she not only discusses ways to build a business, but also helps us to remember our priorities at home: our children and husband. I got so much out of this article and I know you will, too. To read this excellent article, Click here.

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  1. Marie Says:

    Hello! Glad you got a lot of the article as much as I did! Thanks for linking to Tammy’s article through my site, The WAHM Spot! – Marie http://www.thewahmspot.com