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Play Easy Brain Games, Improve Math Skills in Your Preschoolers

By Deborah Williams

Science Daily reports on easy brain games developed by Professor Ming Ming Chiu of the University of Buffalo that are designed for preschoolers that may improve math skills as well as their overall conceptualization of math.  The article, “To Teach Kids Math, Researcher Devises ‘Brain Games,’” explains that Chiu created these games to help preschoolers to become more confident in math.

According to Chiu,

“Children with stronger math skills can recognize more patterns in the world’s rapid creation of new information, which grew by a factor of nine during 2006-11.  By understanding these patterns, children will not only better compete for the best jobs as adults, but they also will be better equipped to help solve such major problems as global warming and energy crises.  The U.S. may be the richest country in the world, but the scores of 15-year-olds on international mathematics tests are below average, behind 30 countries.”

Chiu’s games are designed for parents to play with their children at home.  The four games:

Professor Chiu explains the games in the following video:

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