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Raising Brain Healthy Children

By Deborah Williams

Dr. Daniel Amen, director of Amen Clinics, a brain health practice, and his wife Tana have put together some videos on raising brain-healthy children through effective parenting.  They recently posted on their blog the first of a video series on effective parenting.  Part of their advice is a suggestion for how to eliminate homework struggles with your child.

Here are the basics of their effective parenting suggestions:

  1. Determine what kind of parent you want to be and what kind of child you want to raise.
    1. Do you want to solve all their problems?  Do you plan to always rescue him or her?
    2. If you want independent children, Consider these two behaviors to achieve this:
      1. Teach independence by explaining the consequences of their choices and let them experience those consequences—good or bad.
      2. Let your child think for herself or himself.
      3. Eat dinner together every night.
      4. Read to your children.

View the first video about this important subject:  

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