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Study Tips and Learning Strategies for the New School Year

By Meaghan Montrose

With the new school year underway in many states now is the time to get started on the right foot and improve your study skills. There are many tricks and tips to help you perform at your highest ability in school. I have compiled a list of past TutorFi posts that contain the information you need to have a successful year. Enjoy the tips and study smart!

1.10 Effective Study Habits

2.6 Tips for Success in School

3.Creating an Ideal Work Environment

4.How to Use Flash Cards

5. Using Worksheets, Homework, and Quizzes to Study

6.Learning How to Manage Your Time

7.Tips to Be Successful in Class

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2 Responses to “Study Tips and Learning Strategies for the New School Year”

  1. TC Bear Says:

    Thanks Meaghan for all your feedback on our blog!

  2. TheTeach Says:

    What a great list of tips!