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Virtual Preschool Curriculum for Parents

By Deborah Williams

Technology has given parents of preschoolers a new way to prepare for school.  The VINCI Virtual Preschool is a game-based subscription service that helps parents deliver instruction in essential early childhood skills.  Their subscriptions include the weekly delivery of lesson plans, books, and activity guides on their own device.

Subscriptions also include access to credentialed teachers to help parents navigate the two-level program.  Designed for children 18 months to three years old, The Sensory Experience integrates Montessori and Reggio Emilia approaches to deliver instructional concepts that appeal to the senses.  For example, “You use a game to introduce a concept, such as “Same or Different”, read the included books on a daily basis to reinforce, and use designed activities such as playing sand and water to help your child to master the concept.”  For children aged four years old and older, The Get Ready for School Challenge teaches skills that align with the Common Core.  The focus is on building literacy and math skills as they learn about science.

View this video of children who have learned math on the VINCI tablet:

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