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Discover How An Unemployed Gym Teacher Built Three Highly Successful "Online" Tutoring Businesses

"Find Out How This Online Tutoring Pioneer Will Hand You Proven Blueprints for Earning $25 to $75 Per Hour Working From Home In Your Pajamas As An Online Tutor"

If you're serious about earning an income from tutoring online, then you'll love what I'm about to share with you.

When I first started student teaching in 2003, I thought becoming a gym teacher would be the answer to my dreams. What I discovered during my student teaching experience was shocking. Not only would I have been underpaid and broke, but even worse than that...nobody would have appreciated what I did for them.

I don't know about you, but that's not how I wanted to spend my life!

During this time, I stumbled upon a new way to keep students engaged with simple computer lessons created at home for a health class. This specific type of computer lesson actually got students excited about learning. It was the breakthrough I was looking for...and what I had dreamed about in all my studies about teaching.

Not only did these computer lessons excite my students about learning, I knew once parents saw the excitement in their sons's and daughter's eyes, they would throw money at me for providing a service unlike anything they've seen before.

Best of all, the parents and students would appreciate this method of education!

I decided to remain unemployed and focus on the creation of a real online tutoring classroom where 1 on 1 tutoring could happen from any location as long as there was an internet connection and a computer. After six months of experiments, trial and error, it was complete.

I'm talking about a real, honest-to-goodness, interactive, "virtual classroom." A place with all the tools a tutor needs to do their job without the distractions found in a brick and mortar school.

From my passion, my former partner Dave and I created Our technology was so new and innovative that our small town picked up on us fast. If you go to, you can view our front page article in the Indiana Gazette.

When we first started offering our homework help service on, I thought parents would love our service so much that they'd never quit. I had up to six tutors on call every night of the week. We allowed our clients to access a tutor between 3pm and 12 midnight. During business hours, they were able to request a tutor for homework help with any academic question.

Things started out well, but most parents who enrolled their children didn't stick with our homework help service for more than three months. After interviewing 25 clients who canceled their service, I discovered both the parent and the student wanted to receive tutoring from the same tutor instead of working with a different tutor every time.

I also discovered that parents would gladly pay more for an online tutoring service every month if the tutor, in our case, the Director of Academic Affairs took the time to care by calling and consulting with the parent after each online tutoring session.

I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but this is where you can make your mark and I can help you achieve success! The online tutoring companies who run their businesses today do NOT take the time to care. They don't consult with the parents and the students hardly ever get to work with the same tutor twice.

This puts you in a great position to capitalize on the exploding online tutoring industry. Instead of earning $10 per hour as an employee, you can earn $25 per hour minimum and have guaranteed income coming in each and every month. The best part? You can tutor in your PJ's in the comfort of your own home!

After four years of operating, and, my secrets are finally being revealed to help you build a successful part or full time online tutoring business earning you $25 - $75 per hour

After years of begging, this "online tutoring pioneer" is unleashing the blueprint for online tutoring success

As a pioneer in the online tutoring industry, I made many costly mistakes in the beginning that were hard to overcome! I don't want you to make the same mistakes I did, so I'm offering you a step by step blue print designed to help you build your own successful online tutoring business.

Keep reading to learn the details of this offer...

With your own online tutoring platform, you'll have the power to do what many educators and parents are struggling with.

You'll be able to get your students excited about learning and transform failing and/or unconfident students into confident, motivated honor roll students in just a few short weeks.

Most of your parent clients will notice a difference after the first session when they ask their child, "What did you think?" The response most parents get from their kids is downright shocking Kids LOVE this service. This spark is what keeps parents and students addicted to your online tutoring program for months to come.

You'll discover the secrets that helped me hold on to clients for over two straight years. If I didn't stop offering the actual online tutoring service, they'd still happily paying to use this awesome service. Now that I am focusing on helping others build successful online tutoring businesses, you'll be spoon fed the details that can help you make a sure and steady income by tutoring online.

Owning Your Own Business VS Working As An Employee

What brought you to my site today? Were you searching for an online tutoring "job"? If so, I understand why a job would be more appealing to you. Sometimes people are a little nervous about starting their own business because they think of their Uncle John who had to invest tens of thousands of dollars to start his business...or they think about all the hard work they saw a friend do when they started their business.

An online tutoring business is totally different from any type of local business you might be thinking of. You can get started today in your own business for less than $100 And you can be earning profits in your new business this week! In fact, take a look at a few of the differences between running your own high paying tutoring business and working like a slave for someone else to build their business...

Operate Your Own
Online Tutoring Business

Work For An
Online Tutoring Company

  • Start your business in minutes
  • Tutor as many as hours you want
  • Choose your own hours
  • Earn between $25 - $75 per hour
  • Build relationships with parent/clients and feel appreciated
  • Tutor the same students who appreciate your expertise
  • Tax savings on all business related expenses
  • Spend weeks searching for a job
  • Limited hours available
  • Receive a weekly schedule
  • Earn between $7.50 - $15 per hour max
  • Never speak with parents and feel under appreciated
  • Tutor a student one time and consider yourself lucky if you get a thank you
  • No tax savings ability because you are an employee

Timing is everything

With the education crisis that is arising right now, all the pressure is on the teachers. The "No Child Left Behind Act" put our education system in a bind. Today's schools teach to the test and not to the curriculum (as much as this is denied by school administrators). Some schools even break down parts of the test and spoon-feed it to their students.

If a school district's test scores are not high enough, they must pay for private tutoring to boost any failing child's test score for the following year. This is unfair to the teachers who probably started out excited about teaching students what they thought was important. Now there's no room for outside teaching. Some of our teachers have become robotic because of the "No Child Left Behind Act". This is a darn shame!

The good news is that multimedia is getting upfront exposure and understandably so! Read these interesting statistics below.
  • This is what KVOA News in Tucson reported recently..."the nationwide tutoring market has more than doubled in the past five years with about 10 to 12 percent of students, more than 6 million, expected to receive tutoring this year alone."

  • According to R. Mayer (Educational Psychologist, 1997), "When applied to multimedia learning, generative theory presumes that mixed modes of delivery affect the level at which learners employ cognitive processes to acquire knowledge."

  • According to Don Menn of San Francisco State University, "interactive multimedia--properly developed and properly implemented-- could revolutionize education."

And these are just a few statistics I'm quoting. You can look this stuff up yourself and you'll see why this is a great time to start your own online tutoring business and earn a guaranteed monthly income for years to come. You could easily work with the same student from 5th grade through 11th grade. The proven techniques revealed in this ebook can help you succeed.

How do I know? Some parents paid us consistently for 25 months straight.

This can easily happen for you and I'll show you exactly how to do it.

If you work with five students, three hours per week (only 15 total hours per week), you can earn an extra $1500 per month and this is based on charging $25 per hour...the least you will earn.

And this does not even include your Summertime program which most parents will gladly enroll in. This same student could easily be a client of yours for five or more years! These are just some of the secrets you'll discover.

Read what some of our former clients said.
You can expect these same types of testimonials.

David Goldson--Proud Parent of Josh in the 9th grade
"My son scored an 85 on his algebra test he was studying up for with help from your tutors. WOW is all I got to say. He has not done this well in math since the beginning of the school year. On top of that he was extremely excited about doing so well on the test. That's a real success story when you have an ADHD kid doing well and being excited about it. I'm sure all this has created momentum that will help him get through this. I'm also sure you guys at get feedback and stories from lots of folks but I got to tell you, this kid was really struggling. I can't thank you and your team enough and my wife and I will do whatever it takes on this end to help."

April Brommer, mother of Nicholas (9th grade)
"My son has a severe learning disability and is currently enrolled in an IEP at school. I tried private tutors in the past, but my son just won't pay attention long enough, so it wasn't worth the $50 per hour I spent. I was very worried about my son's future because his grades were getting worse and he didn't seem to care. I have been helping him with homework for 9 years.

After I signed up with, my son and I were assisted by qualified tutors and in 2 days, my son felt comfortable enough to use the service on his own. Since then, his grades have improved and more importantly, he is learning how to solve problems and think for himself. The tutors will not just give my son answers, they force him to think and act for himself. I am glad I found"

Byron Harris from Jackson, MS: Proud father of Mike (9th grade)
"At first, my daughter did not like the online tutoring because she expected our assigned tutor to do her homework for her. Once she understood that no answers would be given, she gave more effort and actually started to solve her own problems with the assistance provided by our tutor. Amanda has been using's service for 2 months and really loves it. Her grades have improved and I am very proud of her."

Lyn Chomiw from Waterviet, MI mother of Catie (5th grade)
"My 5th grade daughter fell in love with's service. She loves the technology and her tutor works great with her. I don't even have to nag her to schedule tutoring sessions. She actually schedules them herself. Her grades have drastically improved and she seems a lot happier. I couldn't imagine going without OWL's online tutoring service."

Quick cash within days

Once you get started with your online tutoring business, you'll get off to a fast start! I dedicated an entire section of my ebook to getting your business going immediately. You'll acquire your first client within days.

Use business cards to generate as many new clients as you can handle.

Deliver a pre-written letter (the template is provided inside the ebook) to your local school that'll have your phone ringing within days.

Advertise your online tutoring service so well that you might have to pull the ad unless you are ready to go full-time.

Use an 800# service that rings to any phone on the fly and makes you look like a true professional.

How to use simple video email follow-up with your clients that will keep them loving your service for years to come.

Automate your thank you cards and use a technique that thrills parents so much that they'll shower you with appreciation for your kindness and excellent service.

Receive a merchant account without paying hundreds of dollars like you might think.

Earn money tutoring the subjects that most in interest you

Choosing what subjects to tutor is easy

With your own online tutoring classroom, you're able to tutor any subject you want. Your only limitations are the ones you create in your head. You can literally teach any subject inside your online tutoring classroom, except for bowling.

If you need a refresher in the subjects you with to tutor, this ebook will give you access to helpful resources that'll get you up to date and confident to tutor any subject you want. There are thousands of parents searching for tutors everyday. Below is a list of subjects you can tutor online.


Foreign language




General Science




Algebra I and II






and more…

You can tutor the subjects that interest you most and achieve your goals in no time.

Your goals will drive you to succeed fast

Access entire section devoted to your goals, dreams and aspirations. We'll go through a simple step-by-step system to help you determine what you want from your online tutoring business. You'll also get recommendations for books and DVD's that'll helped thousands of people, including me to achieve their goals.

While reading this section, you'll develope a clear focus for achieving your goals Once you decide on your goals, the rest is easy. You'll achieve success in no time.

What is it that you want from your online tutoring business?



More Self Worth

To Feel More Appreciated

There are many things your online tutoring business can help you achieve. Earning a steady stream of income with your monthly accounts will help you achieve most, if not all of your goals.

Your monthly student accounts will generate easy & steady income for you every month

Inside my ebook, you'll discover my proven introductory offer that's so unique and irresistible that parents will pay whatever you ask. In fact, some tutors charge $75 per hour!

The questions you want to ask yourself much will you charge per hour? And... how long with your clients stay with you?

These are the two determining factors that will answer your question of "how much money can I make?"

Your main concern as an online tutoring business owner will be guaranteed monthly income. This is why I devoted three chapters of my ebook to help you understand how to get parents lined up into one of your tutoring packages where you can bill them monthly.

You'll be able to bill your clients every 30 days and they'll be happy to pay you. It's up to you to decide how many clients you want to tutor per week.

If you average $35 per hour and tutor five students three times per week, you'll earn $525 per week while working only 15 hours.

If you decide to go full time and tutor 40 hours per week, you can earn $1,400 per week full time!

You can even charge up to $75 per hour if you wanted. If so, you can double those figures easily.

I can't make claims about the possible income you can earn, but I can tell you that you have complete control of this. Get access to your Blueprint For Success and download your copy today.

Click Here To Grab Your Blueprint

What will you do with this extra money?

Buy a new car, donate to your favorite charity, pad your retirement, take a vacation with your family...

Whatever your dream is, you can have it!

Your online tutoring software will make it easy for you to earn a steady stream of income.

It's so Easy With Your Online Tutoring Software...Online Tutoring Sessions Take Place From Any Computer...And Your Clients Love You For It

This detailed online tutoring software review provides you with a pros & cons of each online tutoring software.

Discover what's good and what's bad about 11 different online tutoring platforms.

Find out which software costs money and which are free.

See which online tutoring software is the easiest to use.

Discover how to use two of them at the same time to create an extremely advanced online learning environment.

When you see how quickly and easily your online classroom will be set up, you'll know why students love to learn online and why parents are happy to pay for your online tutoring service.

Give your students access to your online tutoring classroom/software with your website. Insert the links right on your website. Then, your students can easily access your own online classroom.

Instead of Searching for a Job...Or Searching for Clients...Your Website Will Do The Work For You...Have Parents Hunting You Down, Begging For You To Tutor Their Child

Discover a secret that lets you create a free website without spending a single penny!

In less than 30 seconds, you can upload a demonstration onto your website allowing parents to view a real online tutoring session...all at no cost to you whatsoever.

Discover a secret to create your own URL like for only $7.95 per year. You'll be able to redirect this to your free website and look extremely professional in the eyes of parents.

Access to three easy website building tools that can create websites for you. One option even lets you build your own email list and set up automatic responses that are proven to boost sales and referrals!

Have your phone number listed on every page of your site...and watch it ring with incoming calls from parents...ready and willing to pay for your tutoring services!

With My Proven, Time Tested Phone Scripts...You'll Have Instant Answers Right At Your Fingertips for Any Questions Parents May Ask You Over the Phone

Access the same time-tested scripts that we've been using for four years. From 2003 through 2007, we signed up over 600 monthly accounts. These scripts are so precise that you can fly through a call with no previous experience.

Discover how easy it is to promote your online tutoring service as an educator...NEVER feel or act like a salesperson.

Find out what risk-free-one-hour tutoring introductory offer parents can't resist. I am finally sharing the secret of how 98% of all parents who paid us $35 for our no risk introductory offer ended up enrolling into one of our monthly accounts immediately following their first session.

This Introductory Session is So Powerful...and So Unlike Anything Else on the Market That Students Can't Contain Themselves...The Parents Will ASK YOU How to Enroll and Pay You Every Single Month!

Your Students Will be so Excited Following Their First Session...they Won't be able to Contain Themselves...Parents will be Begging to Enroll in Your Monthly Program

How your first one hour online tutoring session will have your students begging their moms and dads to sign up for a monthly account.

Create the most animated online tutoring session the parent and student could have ever imagined and have them hooked for months to come.

How to get your students acclimated to your online classroom fast without wasting time.

Using your online tutoring classroom tools effectively will embed information into your student's brains and automatically instill the skills necessary to improve grades, boost confidence and become more confident.

During your students first online tutoring session, you'll develop such good rapport that the parent will almost automatically sign up for a monthly account and agree to let you bill their credit card every month..

Your Clients Will "Insist" that you Automatically Bill Their Credit Cards Every Month...this Earns You Up to $500 Per Client Every 30 Days

Discover how to guarantee yourself a definite income by tutoring the same students again and again.

Learn simple ways of communicating with your clients ahead of time that'll make each online tutoring session run smoothly and efficiently so your clients will fall in love with your service and can't do without it.

What simple follow-up methods will help you provide the best online tutoring sessions week in/week out.

Discover how your clients will gladly let you bill them between $100 - $500 every 30 days depending on the monthly program they enroll in.

Access the exact monthly packages and pricing we used for 4 years. These packages allowed us to bill parents every 30 days for months and sometimes years. You can expect the same results if you decide to use them.

How to keep your parents & students happy week after week, month after month.

A guaranteed monthly income will be reality soon. In fact, you're going to get off to an insanely fast start without spending a lot of money on advertising.

Build Your Online Tutoring Business Fast...Advertise for Free...and Earn up to $2500 Your First Week

How every business card you hand out will result in a call or inquiry about your online tutoring service.

How easy it is to find parents who are willing to pay for your online tutoring service without spending
a lot on advertising.

How to create simple flyers designed to make your phones ring off the hook.

Discover how to get teachers not only talking about your service, but actually referring your online tutoring service to parents of the students they teach.

How referral marketing will become your #1 source for new clients.

How to never sell your service, but have parents beg to be a client of yours.

Why teaming up with existing related businesses is so easy and so profitable.

If these virtually free techniques don't interest you, you'll love how paid advertising will help your phone ring off the hook with virtually no work or effort.

Profit Easily...While Making Wise Advertising Investments...Bringing You As Many Clients as You Can Handle

How to avoid bad advertising investments

Discover how to create professional sales copy designed to get parents to call you. This step-by-step lesson will teach you how to create ads that work.

Access real advertising examples that have proved their worth in the past.

Find out what one simple advertising method works best. This is a secret very few tutoring companies know about.

Learn everything you need to know about testing and limiting your advertising budget before choosing any one method of advertising as a regular source.

How to read between the lines and double check any advertising investment being pushed by a sales representative who's telling you everything you want to hear.

This is your chance to acquire steady clients, before other tutors jump on board and you lose your opportunity

If you wait until next year, this opportunity might not be the available. We're on the verge of an online tutoring explosion where parents are finally discovering how online tutoring can help their children boost grades, attitude and confidence.

The word is spreading and the online tutoring companies currently in business will be forced to change their approach. When this happens and they finally start caring about their clients overall happiness and satisfaction, you can expect their retention to grow along with their enrollment.

You can also expect that anyone getting started today can easily succeed and build a steady group of clients who they can count for years to come. For any tutor armed with the information inside The Blueprint For Online Tutoring Success ebook, their succees is guaranteed and their online tutoring service will become so addictive for both student and parent, they'll have a steady stream of income for a very long time.

Don't delay, this window is closing fast and everyone wants a piece of the pie. I'm the only person around who will give you straightforward advice on how to start an online tutoring business.

Thinking back to 2003 when I launched my first online tutoring website, there were only two other companies advertising this type of service. Now, there are dozens and the quality of each service is going to improve with time. Parents want tutors who care and because of this demand, you can expect the online tutoring industry to pick up on this and explode over the next year.

This is your chance to get started now and build a steady stream of income that you can be proud of.

Over the years, I made close to $83,000 worth of mistakes. Luckily, I learned from those mistakes and you're about to benefit from them.

I'm offering you the Blueprint For Online Tutoring Success and it's not going to cost anything close to $83,000. In fact, it won't even cost you $500.

If you take action right now, I'll give you a copy of my blueprints for only $97.00.

You can start reading this information in less than 2 minutes. Within one weeks time, you can collect your first few payments from your first clients and within 30 days, you can have a steady part or full time income.

Is this what you want? It's up to you.

I know you believe me and what I accomplished, but you probably have doubts that you can accomplish the same thing. You can succeed and it's easier than you ever dreamed.

My Blueprint For Online Tutoring Success makes is simple for you to start your own online tutoring business right now. This step by step system is guaranteed to work for you! All you have to do is download and open your very own copy.

If you click here to take action and promise to email me with a testimonial I can use on this website, I'll reduce the price by $30. So for only $67, you can access my blueprint for online tutoring success ebook.

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Here’s my offer:  Discover What My "Blue Print For Online Tutoring Success ebook" Can Do For You.  Then, at your leisure, utilize the secrets revealed inside. Confidently start your online tutoring business and start making money. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the layout of my ebook and how easily each detail is explained, just let me know and I'll promptly and courteously refund 100% of your money - with no questions asked...for an entire 60 days!

If, for any reason (or no reason at all), you decide this ebook hasn't given you the important information you need to create a successful online tutoring business...I will refund every penny you paid. Furthermore, I'll even let you keep the book (and the bonus) for your trouble!

So, as you can see, you will have a great opportunity to start your own online tutoring my risk...not yours!

I am dedicated to your success and of course a proud member of the Better Business Bureau

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